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WE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS  DEVIOUS  DECEPTION   TO DESTROY OUR  DEMOCRACY! June 23rd 2016. The United Kingdom held a referendum. Were we to leave the EU or remain? 17.4 million people voted overwhelmingly to leave. Since then there has been an unprecedented conspiracy to thwart the will of the people. We must not allow this undemocratic skulduggery to prevail. This may well be the way of the British Establishment but this is not the way of  the  British People

Dear Member,


Last week's party conference proved to be a big success. We launched our new manifesto 'Policies for the People' and Gerard Batten's entire keynote speech was broadcast live on the BBC News channel. You can watch Gerard's speech in full by clicking here - there's nothing quite like calling for the abolition of the BBC licence fee live on the BBC!

The party conference was filled with two days of excellent speeches. Every single speech was recorded and broadcast live through Facebook and we are building a list of links to each speech which you may view on the party website at this link.

In other news, our youth wing Young Independence will be running their own conference in Worcester on 10th November. Party Leader Gerard Batten and Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad will be speaking at the event along with many other exciting speakers. You can grab your tickets for this year's YI conference by clicking this link.

Policies for the People

Some of the key priorities in the interim manifesto include:

• Full Brexit

• Abolish the licence fee

• Slash immigration

• National Health Service, not an International Health Service

• Train our own doctors and nurses

• Tackle literalist Islam

• Housing for our people first

• Defend free speech

• Abolish ATOS

• End PC culture

• Waive university fees for STEMM subjects

• Abolish foreign aid

• House homeless veterans

• No more aimless wars

• Ban non-stun animal slaughter

And much, much more...

You can read the new interim manifesto by going to this link.

Remainer elitist Keir Starmer calls for a second Brexit referendum

Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer has announced that he wishes to keep a second Brexit referendum on the table.


Speaking at Labour's conference in Liverpool, Mr Starmer said that if a general election does not occur, then Labour's "options must include campaigning for a public vote", and that "nobody is ruling out Remain as an option" in the vote.


UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented:


"Keir Starmer is another member of the Remainer elite who thinks he knows better than the people. I will remind Mr Starmer that 5 million Labour voters also voted for Brexit.


"Labour, Liberal or Tory, it's clear that if people want Brexit then they will have to vote for UKIP at the next general election."

SNP politicians conspire to block Brexit through the courts

It's been revealed that Scottish Remain politicians are resorting to legal action in a foreign court to help overturn the decision of the Referendum.


A legal action has been referred to the European Court of Justice by the court of session in Edinburgh to establish whether the UK can unilaterally stop Brexit.


UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented:


"These people show their true undemocratic colours by this action. They lost the vote but will resort to anything to reverse it. It's unsurprising that Scottish National Party politicians are leading the charge on this - the fake nationalists of the SNP would prefer to be ruled from Brussels over Holyrood and Westminster.  


"Parliament should repeal the European Communities Act (1973) as a first step in the process and not the final step. HM Government should send out a message loud and clear that we are leaving under our law, not the EU’s."