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UK  Independent!

Patriotism, National Democracy, Economic Democracy, Liberalism & Traditionalism.

A  New  Beginning !

A New Year, A New Decade, A Fresh Start!

This is a time to re-establish the values UKIP have championed and stood for since its inception in 1993. Now more than ever a party like UKIP is required to offer a truly balanced and centred opposition to the Conservatives big business ideals, Labour’s extreme left-wing communist swing and the ludicrously of the Liberal Democrat and Green parties politics of fear and panic!

The Next Phase!

The new UKIP Leeds & District website is here! So remember to bookmark and come back regularly to check on the latest developments we have in the pipeline. We hope to reach out, re-engage with all who followed and supported UKIP in the past, as well as to those who did not and are looking for an alternative vision for our great city and country at large.

The UKIP Manifesto

Your can view the UKIP manifesto by clicking the link below:


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